Session met on January 9th in the Gathering Place. Items of importance to the life of the church included:

1. Approval of motions to hire Sandra Herron as consultant to help us create a more intentional congregational focus and culture for Mission and to apply for a grant from the Center for Congregations to defray half of her consulting fee. Total fee will be $13,000. Grant will cover $6500, $6000 is included in the 2018 budget, and the remaining $500 will be paid for by an anonymous gift.

2. Approval of earmarking $20,000 under the 2018 Grow and Serve Spending Plan for Sanctuary Renovation.

3. Approval of the 2018 Operational Spending Plan and Grow and Serve Spending Plan. These will be received by the congregation at the annual meeting.

4. Reception of the financial report. Income for December outweighed expenses by $3,669.23.  Operating fund balance at the end of December was $20,848.46.

5. Reception of monthly statistical report for December. Average Cross Connection attendance for December was 72; YTD attendance was 69. Average Traditional attendance for December was 44; YTD attendance was 50.

6. Granting of a certificate of transfer for Alicia (Lee) Gerber to New Hope Baptist Church in Clay City, Indiana.

7. Approval of a rummage/treasure sale to be held April 13-14 by Presbyterian Women.

8. Pastor Sally will lead a three-part Bible study which will focus on Acts, dovetailing nicely with her sabbatical leave beginning in May. Part I will be nine weeks during Lent; Part II will be offered on her return; Part III will likely take place during Lent 2019.

9. Approval of a motion to sell the snow thrower and buy a new one at the end of the season. The custodian is currently using his own snow thrower.

10. Election of Nancy Brinklow as Clerk of Session and Drumm Osborn as Church Treasurer.

11. Scheduling of a Session meeting for Strategy Planning on February 3,

12. Distribution of the spring youth calendar, beginning with Breakfast for Dinner on January 14.

13. Establishment of responsibilities for Session members for 2018.


Dates to remember:

February 3 Session Strategic Planning meeting

February 6-12 Pastor Sally on vacation

February 13 Next Session meeting 6 p.m.

February 14 Ash Wednesday


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